Pet Policy

Dillman’s has always welcomed pets... just as all our guests are welcomed by our Golden Retrievers as they enter the grounds.

There is a $20 per night, per pet charge.

We welcome dogs on the Dillman’s peninsula. There are a few things that we hope you will help us with, so that everyone at the resort has a wonderful vacation.

  • Please pick up after your pets. There are poop bags located at the shuffleboard courts. Please use them and then discard it in the garbage cans outside of your unit.
  • Do not leave your pet unattended in the unit. It is hard to hear the call of the loon over the barking of the dog.
  • Do not allow dogs to sleep on the bed, chairs or couches. If your dog leaves hair on the bed spreads, chairs, couches there will be an extra charge for cleaning. It does take us extra time upon your departure to remove the dog hair, so the next guests have a clean unit. You will be billed an additional $25 per hour for cleaning if there is excessive dog hair/dog related clean up.
  • If your pet damages the room or other resort property, the charges will be billed to your room. Please let us know if there are any mishaps. We will try repairs (we are pretty good at them) before adding the cost to your bill.
  • Please have control of your dog at all time – either by leash or by command.
  • When at the beach, if there are other guests (children or adults), please have control of your dog, or find a beach that doesn’t have others swimming and playing at it. Some people are afraid of dogs, and we want everyone to have a nice experience.

Thank you for your help and cooperation.

* Bayview Lodge, Cabin 5, Cabin 6, Cabin 9A/9B and Cabin 11 do not allow cats.

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