Entry Deadline: 2024
Entry Fee (Entry Fee): $35.00
Work Sample Requirements
Images | Minimum: 1, Maximum: 2 or 3
Call Type: Exhibitions
Eligibility: National
State: Wisconsin
Event Dates: 2024
Jury Dates: 2024

“Alive and Dead, Standing and Fallen”
The exhibition, “Alive and Dead, Standing and Fallen: A Reflection on Life and Mortality,” explores the complex and intertwined themes of life, death, resilience, and vulnerability. Through various artistic mediums and interpretations, the exhibition aims to evoke contemplation, introspection, and a deeper understanding of the human experience.

Section 1: Embracing Life's Vitality
- Artwork in this section celebrates the vibrancy and vitality of life.
- Paintings, sculptures, and photographs depict scenes of joy, passion, and growth.
- Themes explored may include birth, youth, creativity, and the beauty of nature.
- Artists may use bold colors, energetic brushstrokes, and dynamic compositions to convey life's exuberance.

Section 2: The Persistence of Memory
- This section delves into the ephemeral nature of existence and the passage of time.
- Artists may explore themes of nostalgia, remembrance, and the fleeting moments that shape our lives.
- Artworks may feature still life compositions, abstract representations of memories, or conceptual installations.
- Mediums such as photography, mixed media, and installations may be used to convey the transient nature of memory.

Section 3: Fragility and Resilience

- This section focuses on the delicate balance between vulnerability and strength.
- Artworks may depict human experiences of hardship, adversity, and survival.
- Artists may explore themes of resilience, recovery, and the human spirit's ability to overcome challenges.
- Sculptures, installations, and multimedia artworks may be utilized to convey the juxtaposition of fragility and strength.


“Alive and Dead, Standing and Fallen: A Reflection on Life and Mortality” guides viewers on an emotional and intellectual journey through the interconnectedness of life and death. Through diverse artistic expressions, the exhibition offers a space for contemplation, introspection, and a deeper appreciation of the human condition. It encourages viewers to reflect on their own existence, the vitality of life, and the
significance of embracing both the standing and fallen moments that shape our journey.


Insurance and Security - Dillman’s provides a secure and locked area in which all art is displayed. Insurance is provided to artists from the time of the receipt of work until the show's end. Insurance of items during shipping is the responsibility of the artist (to and from Dillman’s).

- Dillman’s Art Workshop Retreat, 13277 Dillman’s Way, Lac du Flambeau, WI 54538

Shipping - Artist is responsible for shipping artwork to and from Dillman’s Art Workshop Retreat.  A return shipping label MUST be included with work that is shipped for this exhibit. Insurance of items during shipping to and from Dillman’s is the responsibility of the artist. 100% of sales for any artwork sold during the show will go to the artist. Dillman’s will not be offering online sales at this time.

Display Information and Requirements
- Dillman’s has covered tables for 3D media. If artwork will require any unusual display protocol, it is the artist's responsibility to provide these items. We cannot hang artwork from the ceiling. If you have any special hanging requirements, please reference these in your description of your piece.

Awards - $4,000 in prizes will be awarded.

Judge - Sandie Bacon



Requirements- Up to 2 pieces may be submitted on each application, one image per piece.
Images must be of the actual work to be exhibited.
Artwork must be original (not copied from other art or made from a kit).
Artist Statement - All applicants are required to submit an artist statement limited to 500 characters. Each piece should include: title, medium, size and distribution or origin story.

Eligibility - This is a national art show, open to artists 18 years or older, who reside in the United States.