2023 Workshops

First Name
Last Name
Class / Event TitleWorkshop Fees
Starting at
Room and
1 Meal Fee
Feb 17Feb 245BobBurridgeAbstract Acrylic Painting - Abaco, BahamasAcrylic / Mixed MediumAll LevelsStudio Only$1400n/a
May 20May 265LauraLein-SvencnerSketchbooks As A Piece of ArtMixed MediaAll LevelsStudio Only
May 20May 254Carmelo SchifanoWatercolor Without FearWatercolorAll LevelsStudio Only
May 29Jun 34Dale PopovichWaterfall, Rivers and Rapids in WatercolorWatercolorAll LevelsStudio Only
May 29Jun 34MarileePopovichClaim Your Online Presence as a Professional ArtistMarketingAll LevelsStudio Only
May 29Jun 34JohnSalminenAbstract Through DesignAbstract WatercolorAll LevelsStudio Only
Jun 4Jun 94Bob BurridgeLoosen Up with Aquamedia PaintingAquamediaAll LevelsStudio Only
Jun 4Jun 94JanetNunnBold and Bright with Liquid WatercolorLiquid WatercolorAll LevelsStudio Only
Jun 11Jun 164BobBurridgeWorkshop Abstract Acrylic Painting & CollageAcrylicAll LevelsStudio Only
Jun 11Jun 164SusanKuznitskyThe Colors of Spring in PastelsPastelAll LevelsStudio Only
Jun 18Jun 234David R.BeckerThe Most Important Watercolor WorkshopWatercolorAll LevelsStudio Only
Aug 27Sep 14Tara SweeneyWatercolor Portraits: Step by StepWatercolor All LevelsStudio Only
Sep 4Sep 94Patricia LintnerThe Art of Imperfection with Acrylics, Inks, Collage and YupoMix MediaAll LevelsStudio Only
Sep 10Sep 154Janet RogersExpressive Loose Watercolors - Flower To FiguresWatercolorAll LevelsStudio Only
Sep 10Sep 154Kristin PetersonColorshine and Art Marks Mixed Media All LevelsStudio Only
Sep 17Sep 224Dale PopovichWatercolor - Impressions of the Great NorthwoodsWatercolorAll LevelsStudio Only
Sep 17Sep 224Pam LuerNature SketchbookWatercolorIntermediate to AdvancedStudio & Plein Air
Sep 24Sep 294David R. BeckerThe Most Important Watercolor & Gouache WorkshopGouschAll LevelsStudio Only
Sep 24Sep 294JodiOhlAbstract Immersive Acrylic & CollageAbstract ImmersiveAll LevelsStudio Only
Oct 1Oct 64Dan WiemerCreative Combination: Watercolor & AcrylicWatercolor with AcrylicIntermediate to AdvancedStudio Only
Jun 17Jun 182Kathleen Kvern Barbara McFarlandWorking with Hot & Cold Wax: A SamplerCold & Hot WaxAll LevelsStudio Only
Oct 1Oct 64Mary PettisCatpure the NorthwoodsOilAll LevelsStudio & Plein Air