2023 Workshops

First Name
Last Name
Class / Event TitleWorkshop Fees
Starting at
Room and
1 Meal Fee
Sep 4Sep 94Telagio Baptista Exploring WatercolorWatercolorAll LevelsStudio Only$990$475
Oct 1Oct 64Mary PettisCapture the Northwoods - This Workshop Currently Has a WAITLISTOilAll LevelsStudio & Plein Air$850$475
Jun 17Jun 182Kathleen Kvern Barbara McFarlandHot & Cold Wax SamplerCold & Hot WaxAll LevelsStudio Only$225$215
Oct 1Oct 64Dan WiemerCreative Combination: Watercolor & AcrylicWatercolor with AcrylicIntermediate to AdvancedStudio Only$825$475
Sep 24Sep 294JodiOhlAbstract Immersive Acrylic & Collage - This Workshop Currently Has a WAITLISTAbstract ImmersiveAll LevelsStudio Only$700$475
Sep 24Sep 294David R. BeckerThe Most Important Watercolor & Gouache WorkshopGouschAll LevelsStudio Only$580$475
Sep 17Sep 224Pam LuerNature Sketchbook - This Workshop Currently Has a WAITLISTWatercolorIntermediate to AdvancedStudio & Plein Air$725$475
Sep 17Sep 224Dale PopovichWatercolor - Impressions of the Great Northwoods - This Workshop Currently Has a WAITLISTWatercolorAll LevelsStudio Only$570$475
Sep 10Sep 154Kristin PetersonColorshine and Art Marks Mixed Media All LevelsStudio Only$725$475
Sep 10Sep 154Janet RogersExpressive Loose Watercolors - Flowers To FiguresWatercolorAll LevelsStudio Only$990$475
Sep 4Sep 94Patricia LintnerThe Art of Imperfection with Acrylics, Inks, Collage and YupoMix MediaAll LevelsStudio Only$650$475
Aug 27Sep 14Tara SweeneyWatercolor Portraits: Step by StepWatercolor All LevelsStudio Only$980$475
Jun 18Jun 234David R.BeckerThe Most Important Watercolor WorkshopWatercolorAll LevelsStudio Only$580$475
Jun 11Jun 164SusanKuznitskyThe Colors of Spring in PastelsPastelAll LevelsStudio Only$950$475
Jun 11Jun 164BobBurridgeAbstract Acrylic Painting & CollageAcrylicAll LevelsStudio Only$1,450$475
Jun 4Jun 94JanetNunnBold and Bright with Liquid WatercolorLiquid WatercolorAll LevelsStudio Only$655$475
Jun 4Jun 94Bob BurridgeLoosen Up with Aquamedia PaintingAquamediaAll LevelsStudio Only$1,450$475
May 29Jun 34JohnSalminenAbstract Through DesignAbstract WatercolorAll LevelsStudio Only$1,185$475
Jun 2Jun 32MarileePopovichClaim Your Online Presence as a Professional ArtistMarketingAll LevelsStudio Only$250$215
May 29Jun 34Dale PopovichWaterfall, Rivers and Rapids in WatercolorWatercolorAll LevelsStudio Only$570$475
May 20May 254Carmelo SchifanoWatercolor Without FearWatercolorAll LevelsStudio Only$975$475
May 20May 265LauraLein-SvencnerSketchbooks As A Piece of ArtMixed MediaAll LevelsStudio Only$765$575