2022 Workshops

First Name
Last Name
Class / Event TitleWorkshop Fees
Starting at
Room and
1 Meal Fee
Sep 18Sep 234Dale L.PopovichWaterfalls, Rivers & Rapids in WatercolorWatercolorAll LevelsStudio Only$525$470
Oct 2Oct 74GloriaMiller AllenPower Tools for Powerful Paintings - All MediumsAny MediumAll LevelsStudio Only$515$470
Oct 2Oct 74DanWiemerCreative Combination: Watercolor & AcrylicWatercolor / AcrylicAll LevelsStudio Only$465$470
Sep 25Sep 304SeanDyePastel Landscape EssentialsPastelAll LevelsStudio & Plein Air$485$470
Sep 25Sep 304Dale L.PopovichWatercolor Impressions of the Great NorthwoodsWatercolorAll LevelsStudio Only$525$470
Sep 18Sep 234LoisGriffelPainting the Impressionist Landscape in Oil / Acrylic - PostponedOil / AcrylicAll LevelsStudio & Plein Air$775$470
Sep 18Sep 234David R.BeckerThe Most Important Watercolor WorkshopWatercolorAll LevelsStudio Only$510$470
Sep 15Sep 193KristinPetersonPilfered Tomes - Mixed MediaMixed MediaAll LevelsStudio Only$380$390
Sep 15Sep 193PamLuerNature SketchbooksWatercolor/SketchbookAll LevelsStudio & Plein Air$390$390
Sep 15Sep 193MelindaSchnellWatercolor: Enjoy the JourneyWatercolorAll LevelsStudio & Plein Air$295$390
Sep 11Sep 164TaraSweeneyWatercolor Portraits: Color that GlowsWatercolorAll LevelsStudio Only$575$470
Sep 11Sep 164TomLynchWatercolor Secrets RevealedWatercolorAll LevelsStudio Only$595$470
Aug 28Sep 24JanetRogersExpressive Loose Watercolors - Flowers to FiguresWatercolorAll LevelsStudio Only$580$470
Aug 28Sep 24David R. SmithFresh & Exciting WatercolorsWatercolorAll LevelsStudio & Plein Air$655$470
Sep 22Sep 221David R.BeckerPaint Party: Birch Shoreline : 6:30pm-9:00pmWatermedia / AcrylicAll LevelsStudio Only$49n/a
Jun 16Jun 161David R.BeckerPaint Party: Dog on Dock : 6:30pm-9:00pmWatermedia / AcrylicAll LevelsStudio Only$49n/a
Jun 12Jun 174RobertBurridgeStudio Mentor WorkshopAny MediumIntermediate to AdvancedStudio Only$1575$470
Jun 12Jun 174David R.BeckerThe Most Important Watermedia WorkshopWatermedia / AcrylicAll LevelsStudio Only$510$470
Jun 5Jun 104JanetNunnBold & Bright with Liquid WatercolorsWatercolorsAll LevelsStudio & Plein Air$555$470
Jun 5Jun 104RobertBurridgeAbstract Acrylic Paint & CollageAcrylic / Mixed MediumAll LevelsStudio Only$790$470
May 30Jun 44RandellSextonFigure It Out(side), Figure and the Landscape In Oil/Any MediumOil/Any MediumAll LevelsStudio & Plein Air$780$470
May 30Jun 44Mary BethDownsLearning To Play With Texture & Design in WatercolorWatercolorAll LevelsStudio Only$470$470
May 21May 264CarmeloSchifanoWatercolor Without FearWatercolorBeginner to IntermediateStudio Only$570$470
May 21May 275LauraLein-SvencnerAll Elements of Paper and Collage/Collage, Mixed Media and Book ArtsMixed MediumAll LevelsStudio Only$680$550
May 17May 224SusanKuznitskyThe Colors of Spring in PastelsPastelAll LevelsStudio & Plein Air$545$470
May 17May 224JohnSalminenWatercolor: Realism Through DesignWatercolorAll LevelsStudio Only$675$470
May 17May 224MarileeJacobi-PopovichClaim Your Online Presence as a Professional ArtistMarketingAll LevelsStudio Only$500$470