Kath Macaulay

Pocket Sketching and John Singer Sargent

June 5-10, 2016 (Four Teaching Days)

Fast, personal, fresh, memorable, a Pocket Sketch, as taught by Kath Macaulay is the answer to the problems of working plein air in public.

This workshop is ideal for the beginner wanting a launch into creating original art anywhere, fearlessly, and for the professional who wants extreme portability, freshness of impression, minimal equipment, speed, no interruptions and no clean-up.

Monet built his famed garden for the years when he no longer wanted to haul his equipment on long trips and be away from home, family, food and wine. We all miss gathering an impression of a fleeting moment because of the cumbersomeness of hauling out, setting up, cleaning up and packing away our usual oil and watercolor equipment. Instead, learn Pocket Sketching, the perfect technique for travel journaling, hiking, biking, sauntering, sitting in a café. Capture what you think you see in 25 minutes or less using a water soluble pen, a 4 x 6 inch pad of paper and a small paint set.  Learn speed, focal point, vitality in expression, contrast and color.

Compare the “Fountain” by Kath and the “Boboli Gardens” by John Singer Sargent, who was known for his freshness, and joy in watercolor, and was described by Evan Charteris in 1927, "He set his face against anything like 'picture making'; his water-colours are fragmentary--pieces of the visible world broken off because they appealed to his eye…" The workshop includes several of the watercolor techniques of Sargent and uses photos of his watercolors extensively as teaching examples.

Equipment: Minimal. When on location all materials are within your personal space: nothing needs to be put down. The optional custom fanny pack will hold everything, is the shelf under the paint set and pad while working, is steadied with one hand, leaving the other free to sketch and paint.

From a former student at Canyon Ranch, “You just changed my life: I can do this!”

Frequent critiques. Much one-on-one support. Learn enough to play for a lifetime!

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Testimonial from 2014's workshop
"I am so very grateful that it worked out for me to take the workshop. My experience of you is that you are a fine, very inventive, skilful, gentle, kind, fearless teacher. I am still in awe of your gesture/life drawing section of the course. Wow! I especially appreciated how much information you imparted - much of it distilled in little asides. Your humility and willingness to share years of experience in trial and error, mistakes and discernments is truly remarkable. I thank you for that. My thoughts are with you and Dale in your journey with Pocket Sketching. I may well take your class again next year."
Nancy Jane

History of Pocket Sketching: Started in about ’86 by accident on a painting trip as an offshoot to ‘wash drawing’, a difficult technique done with India ink. The India ink indelible line is drawn and immediately ‘run’ with water from a brush to obtain different values, or shades, to either side of the line. If you’re not quick enough, you get just a line drawing that can never be changed. If ink spills, it’s permanent, including on your beige leather upholstery. I picked up a water-soluble pen to write to a friend. The brush was always in my hand, by habit. I hit the line, also by habit, and it ran just like with India ink. It was a wash drawing without traditional India ink. Until used with water, the line can be used for years in a wash drawing. It never spills. It mixes perfectly with watercolors, providing the ‘shade’ of almost every color.
Benefits: A quick personal way of recording what’s immediately in front of you. Meditation. No fear of being “watched” because you’re in your personal space. Ease of carrying. Always ready. No clean up. Pocket sketching is easy to learn for absolute beginners and advanced artists. Go anywhere. Capture your impression, the thing that caught your eye in the first place. Perfect for travel, hiking, biking, standing in line, dining.

Always inspired by nature, I find peace, excitement, solace, power, everything you can find in music, to be outdoors. I try to catch the emotional impact of the moment in my work.


My goal when teaching is to impart my technique to the class and to help each person realize they are really 'getting it' and they are far exceeding what they think they are capable of achieving. It's all in seeing with a very open mind, experimenting, evaluating from outside your expectations (limitations). To me it's totally exciting to help each person discover his/her ability, honest self evaluation and self reward, while learning a sketching technique to use anywhere for life. The object is to impart catching the vitality of the quick sketch instead of tight illustration: that initial impression is why the person wanted to record what they thought they saw. It is personal participation with the environment, which the camera cannot replicate! Teaching Pocket Sketching has been my delight and I expect to continue for years!

Because of excellent art instruction by Opal Berry, her junior high art teacher, Kath has always been interested in art. In college she was disappointed in the art instruction: hence, has a BS in biology and has worked many years in medical research or medical marketing. Her major art instruction came from four masters, Robert N. Blair of Buffalo, NY, Carl Cogar of Las Cruces, NM, Nicholas Brigante of Los Angeles, CA, and Bon Wai Chen of Portland, OR. Kath Macaulay has had numerous one man shows including one sponsored by the U. S. and Mexican governments with 56 paintings all from the western National Parks. She paints primarily en plein air (on location, outdoors), using oils or watercolor and has personally developed a painting technique, "pocket sketching", which she teaches nationally. Her work is in collections through the U.S. and Canada.

As an artist, I enjoy capturing the moment that caught my eye. As an instructor I delight in teaching my easy-to-learn, totally portable, no-clean-up technique to beginners and professionals alike.

My favorite evaluation so far came from a woman at Canyon Ranch in Tucson after an hour and a half overview of the workshop. She had previously registered in 6 watercolor workshops nationally, flying to each with hotel reservations, only to stay a few days in each and leave in total frustration: "You just changed my life! I can do this!!!!!”

From students and former students I receive letters, notes, and emails exclaiming their delight. "My sketches bring back more memories than my photographs." "My friend had the sketch enlarged and taped above her bed in hospice to remind her how much her friends loved her." “I see the world as if cataracts were removed!”
All I can say is, I change lives. Nothing can be more rewarding.

Credentials for Kath Macaulay: BS in biology, Oregon State Univ., Scientific Illustration, Univ. of Arizona, Business of Art, New Mexico State Univ. Studied with 4 masters: Robert Carl Cogar in Las Cruces, NM (apprenticed to John F. Carlson, N.A.), Robert N. Blair, Buffalo, NY (in the Metropolitan, Corcoran and Whitney Galleries), Bon Wai Chen, Portland, OR (known as the Asiatic world’s top painter of the butterfly), Nicholas Brigante, Los Angeles, (collected extensively by the Los Angeles County Museum of Art). Instructor at Canyon Ranch, Tucson, Sedona Arts Center, Sedona, AZ, Sun Valley Center of Art, Sun Valley, ID, Ann Arbor Art Center, Ann Arbor, MI, Burchfield Penney Art Center, Buffalo NY.

Studio: Something for all levels.

Workshop Fee plus tax per student: 
If 12 or more students attend class (all teaching days): $440
If 11-10 students attend class (all teaching days): $450
If 9-8 students attend class (all teaching days): $495
Plus at $40 Material Fee
Room & One Dinner Fee plus tax: $385
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